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About US

Developer Circles from Facebook is a program designed to create locally organized communities for developers. These communities are meant to educate and provide a forum for discussion and knowledge sharing around topics that are top-of-mind for developers in a particular market.

Why join a circle?

Whatever you build, Developer Circles connects you to collaborate, learn, and code with other local developers. You get to attend local meetups, collaborate in Facebook Groups, and learn about the latest Facebook technologies.

Technologies discussed here include all the products listed on this page

For documentation and latest updates from Facebook, visit the Facebook for Developers site

General Writing Rules

We publish internal contents, event recap articles, and guest posts from our members on our Blog. Before we publish your content, please ensure that you are willing to agree to the following terms.

  • You must abide by our Code of Conduct
  • Plagiarism is a crime, your content must be original, and all extracts must be attributed accurately
  • Your content should not include promotional materials or links
  • We reserve the right to edit your content to remove typographical errors, grammatical errors, and to improve the title.
  • Your content will be shared on all our social media
  • Not all submitted content will be published, and we will provide feedback(s) where necessary


Our blog is powered by Hashnode Team Publication, and it is expected that you create a personal blog on Hashnode to have your articles published with us.

  • Head to https://hashnode.com and create an account
  • Create your personal blog during the onboarding process [If you get stuck, please read the docs or contact any DevCLokoja moderator]
  • Now you should have your blog on <your username>.hashnode.dev
  • Contact the DevCLokoja Lead Bolaji on Facebook to request access to the blog

PS: You need to be a member to request for access

  • Write your article on Hashnode like so:

hashnode editor.png

  • Check the right bar of the editor and locate the Post to blog section which allows you to publish the article on a blog instead of Hashnode
  • Select devclokoja.hashnode.dev from the dropdown list like so

hashnode editor.png

  • Now click the Publish button to submit the post for review
  • You will get an edit link after submission on the next page where you can make changes to your submission before final reviews
  • Contact DevCLokoja Lead Bolaji on Facebook again to request for a review
  • Your submitted article will be reviewed, and some changes will be made with feedbacks related to you
  • Upon successful review, it would be published on the blog.

Guide for Technical Writers

If you would like to share your expertise and experience on DevCLokoja blog, please reach out to Bolaji on Facebook to start a conversation.

We accept guest posts from just any amazing human with excellent technical writing skills around technical and non-technical content.

Why Guest Post?

Submitting a guest post helps put your content in front of amazing Facebook staff, contributors, and DevC members across the globe. It is also a great way to build your technical writing portfolio and an opportunity to work with the amazing humans at DevCLokoja.

  • You publish your article on our Blog, and we don't take any credits for them.
  • We help you market your article by sharing it across all Developer Circles worldwide.
  • Our Technical writing team is top-notch; you will get an opportunity to get your article reviewed by an experienced writer.
  • When you attend any DevC organized event, you will be celebrated with some fantastic event swags.

Are you convinced now? Please reach out, and let's get started on that brilliant idea 🙂.


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